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Firm Family Micro Church Details

We will have 1 Micro-Church sites meeting each Sunday morning:

  • Firm Family East – Adam’s House – 45 Parkside Court, Chico
  • The site is designed for people to be able to gather in compliance with the California Department of Health COVID-19 Guidelines.  

Special Note on Firm Family East – this location has an unfenced pool, but we will have a designated pool watcher during the service.

Details for East.

  • Services will start at 9:00am.
  • Services will be held outside in a mostly shaded area. You may want to bring sunglasses or a hat.
  • You will need to bring your own chairs or picnic blanket for your family.  In consideration of “social distancing” please try to arrange in “family clusters” and leave distance in consideration of your neighbors.
  • Services will last for approximately 1 hour, and in deference to the host families, we would ask that you be considerate in not overstaying in the excitement of fellowship after the service.
  • There will be no childcare facilities.
  • We are asking families to try to take care of restroom needs before coming, but restrooms will be available for emergencies. 
  • Leis will be given to each person who wants to be there to love and be loved, but not to hug or be hugged!!
  • Snacks will not be provided due to CDC requests so please bring snacks and drinks for your children to help them enjoy the services.
  • We do plan on serving communion at our first gathering and we have individually wrapped cups and elements for each person that wants to partake.  
  • Please feel free to invite guests who may live in the neighborhood of the Micro-Church you will be attending. 
  • COVID-19 specific safety precautions are encouraged according to each family/person’s comfort level.  They will not be enforced.